When I had my first baby, I discovered the needs of New Mums are very different to those of pre-pregnancy and pregnancy. With the many and varied changes to my life that my new baby brought, worrying about what to wear was the last thing I wanted to spend my precious energy on. New Mums need simple solutions for their wardrobe that are functional and versatile but still make them look and feel great. I searched for clothes designed with simple attributes like natural fabrics that breathed and were fuss-free to keep clean, designs that flattered my after baby shape and tops made with easy access for breastfeeding. Not finding what I needed in shops or online, I hit the design table and created a new label, designed specifically for New Mums.

“Laila & Spot is dedicated to understanding the needs of and designing the best clothes in the world for New Mums. We know what is like to have days and nights blur into one and how difficult it can be adjusting to our post baby body. Our designs take all of this onboard to bring you a range of clothes created especially for New Mums”

My goal was to create a new range of clothes that offer New Mums an affordable and functional option while being stylish and easy to wear. At the same time, it was important the range was environmentally friendly and ethically made.


Since starting the range I have sourced material, manufacturers and supplies from all over the world and spent time working in the factory where our dresses are made in Tirupur India, not far from where I grew up. This gave me insight to the overall process and also get to know the workers, ensuring they are treated fairly. You can read more about my manufacturing journey here: (insert link here)

When creating the Laila & Spot range, I wanted to bring function into the centre of our designs so I did-away with fiddly plastic clips and developed a stylish and smart magnetic clasp that snaps back into place. These magnetic clips are a unique feature of the Laila & Spot range of dresses and a first in the Australian market.

“My vision is all about providing a refreshing option for New Mums. Clothing that is something bright and feminine, functional and designed to fit with their life while making them feel amazing without spending a fortune.”


- Laila Fernandez